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Is this Image finder, free to use?

This image finder is free for non-commercial usage. The use of the picture search is subject to the reverse image search commercial user agreement. Idle searches might not be passed forward to another search period or package. You may opt for manifold search packages at one time. Image search reverse will debit from the package that is put to expire first. Every single call made to image search technique counts as one search, irrespective of the number of search results reverted by the call. The search results from search by the image are the same as those reverted by reverse image search. You might check for several searches remaining in your package thru your account page.

Using this technology, you can search by image what we named as reverse photo search. You can do this via image url, or search via website URL. You can also drag/drop your pictures with an intention to start your search. Picture finder persistently crawls a website and adds photos to its index. Nowadays, the reverse image search index is around 22 billion photos.

Whenever you search with our image search engine, your image is never indexed or saved. adds masses of new photos from the web regularly; however, your photos belong to you. Researching with our photo search methodology is secure, private, as well as improving. The picture search tool allows you to look for any website image by simply clicking on photos in a website browser. We have an extension for Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Image search engine's search features have made it quite simple and convenient to sort out and filter search output to get the photo you are searching for. The reverse photo search compares feature allows you rapidly switch from side to side between your result and search image. It highlights any variances between two pictures. It’s particularly worthwhile to see how photos have been resized, cropped, manipulated or skewed.