Frequently asked questions

Can I utilize Reverse Image Search for high-volume searching or commercial purposes?

Certainly, there is paid version of reverse photo search for high-volume searching, which lets you opt for picture search. The professional version of reverse image search involves an interactive user interface for easy searching, in combination with an API for adding image search reverse with your system or website.

Our paid version provides an image search engine for images so that everyone can search out the background of any photo. Whether you are a designer, photographer, or dater, up to 15billion photos are at your clearance in the web database. For daters, search by picture tool allows singles to search for any photo from a dating profile prior assenting to a date. Moreover, it can secure your pictures from being displayed without your acquaintance. Reverse image search notifications will alert you when your picture has been added to the website database from another web. Thus you can keep tabs on where your images exist on the website.

Using swipe through images on image search, occasionally it is complex to know who is for real and who is not. You see an individual who looks appealing, but you don’t know each and everything about him, actually, besides what he says to you. It can lead towards a revolting surprise when you meet with that individual and find out the photo you saw was only a mirage in the dating desert.

To do some research prior going on a date with an unfamiliar person from the Internet, daters can make use of our paid version for image search reverse recognition software. This tool offers a rapid approach to verify images via searching for the website where it created. Conducting a research takes seconds as their search engine quickly combs via the web with an intention to detect any trace of that picture on other websites.