Frequently asked questions

Reverse photo Lookup

What types of images can I search with Reverse Photo Lookup?

File type: Reverse photo search accepts a diversity of formats, involving, but not restricted to, PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF and GIF images.

Photo dimensions: Search by image works perfectly with images that are minimum 300 pixels in each dimension but can accept pictures as low as 100 pixels in each dimension.

File size: 20 megabytes is the maximum limit for file size.

Watermarked photos: For superlative outcomes, noticeably watermarked images must be avoided as image search may search for watermark, not the image itself.

Subject matter: Submitted pictures should adhere to our policies.

It is a content based picture search approach; where there is no requirement to guess or remember any keyword to search for expected images/results. This reverse photo lookup works just like an autopilot. Our interactive search by picture technique provides results so accurate and fast, if there is no precise result of the search, then it tracks down the same kind of images from the search engine for the searcher or user.

Furthermore, it redirects the user to the particular page whenever user clicks on checked photos with their favored search engine. To utilize this search using image search engine, there is no requirement of log-in or registration. There are no restrictions for using this reverse photo lookup just like time or other circumstances. Here, search engine results will not be indexed and saved from any site as its ultimate policy is not to provide or share any info with the third party. Image search engine results may comprise of:

  • Similar types of images.
  • Websites that comprise of the similar image.
  • Other image sizes user searched for.

Although searching out similar type of images is very complex on internet, however, this duplicate image search assists individuals to search those pictures merely via uploading a photo in addition to inserting a photo URL. Most prevalent Search engines such as Yandex, Google provide reverse image search facility to the user.