Everything About Reverse Picture Search You Wish You Knew Before

Posted By: Admin Date: May 15, 2020

You might have an idea, that to search for any written text all you need is to enter the keywords into the search bar of any search engine, in fact, every one of us performs this activity every single day. But if you are looking for images rather than words, it is possible with a picture search tool. It is an efficient and beneficial reverse image search tool for the tech community. If you are looking for duplicate content of images, you posted on your blog, website, or landing page; this tool can show you accurate results. Even if you want to find out different-sized images of any particular photograph, this tool will look over the Internet to fetch results for you. Or if you are looking for a celebrity’s name and you have his/her image, you can search by using that image.

Picture LookupWhat Is reverse image search?

Google initially launched Reverse Image Search in 2001, but later it developed furthermore advanced features for the ease of users, and now, there are plenty of tools that work to perform photo search. All you need is to upload an image of an individual or object to get additional information about it. Apart from that, you can also paste the URL of that particular image rather than uploading an image. The results are based upon the content-based image retrieval (CBIR) query. Somehow, it is a little bit unpopular.

Factors that Influence Reverse Search

Many factors Influence RIS; most of the tools and search engines identify the colors to trace the pictures. They use a specific algorithm that creates a color histogram to recognize and locate images from the directory. If the tool or search engine figures out the resemblance between the color histogram, it will display those images in front of you. And amazingly, now reverse photo search does it all. The tool also determines images by the shape of images. Other than that, a specific mathematical algorithm is formed to search by picture.

Usage Of Image Search Engine

The picture search engine needs special attention to fetch relevant results. In case you have a scenario, as mentioned earlier, the tool will be highly efficient to search for images. It is also said that the search by picture is a lifesaving drug for Graphic Designers and photographers. They can use this tool to generate new ideas, look for the performance of their work, and above all, to detect plagiarism. They can get to know about plagiarism by just uploading the image, and the tool or search engine will display the result within seconds.

You can also use this tool to know about the original producer of an image. Most often, you might be looking for high-resolution images, and in this particular scenario; you can use this tool to look for your required resolution. The leading Search Engine Google can perform the task for you within seconds.

While the results highly depend on your search pattern and which tool or search engine you are using to procure relevant results.

Google Reverse Image Search

Google is the most used search engine to perform a photo search. It is very efficient in fetching the results. It’s up to you; you can either choose an image to upload or paste the URL to find pictures. It will instantly display all the similar photos. Google’s directory has access to all the domains of the Internet. So, Google is perfect for performing such a task.


TinEye has more than 12.5 billion indexed images, and that’s the reason it performs very efficiently to search by image. It is the best alternative to Google. The TinEye search engine is specially designated to look only for pictures. The search engine crawls over the web to index millions of images every month. While it is not possible for TinEye to look for individuals and objects. But still, if you are looking for other photos, you can try this tool.

Google Goggles

An Android app, which is also available in the Google iPhone app, and widely used all over the world. It helps to perform the search by picture function. It is also used to scan QR codes, and apart from that, you can also use this app to read the text by scanning the image.

Apart from the resources mentioned above, there are plenty of other tools as well, and search engines that perform similar tasks to get relevant results for the users.

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