Terms of Services

Terms of Services

At reverseimagesearch.com, we are profoundly aware of the trust our users put in our service and our responsibility to protect their data’s privacy. Due to this concern, we have compiled these terms and conditions to make you fully aware of the data we collect and how we handle and use the users’ information. Before using our service, it is highly recommended to go through these terms for a better user experience.

Terms of Use

Reverseimagesearch.com doesn’t ask its users to get registered for using its service. Therefore, no personal information is collected from anyone in any case. We don’t intend to share your personal data with any third party. In case of any damage to your personal information, our website won’t be responsible. As a part of using our service, you’re confirming that you have gone through these terms and accessing our site at your own risk.

Uploaded Files or Media

The images uploaded by the users on our reverse image search service are 100% safe and secure. Our databases don’t hold the media files of the users for even a short period of time. As soon as the user finds similar or related images and closes the reverseimagesearch.com, the data is automatically removed from our servers.

Limitation of Liability

As a matter of fact, the reverse image search tool on our website is based on advanced algorithms for retrieving similar pictures efficiently. However, sometimes the tool might fail to provide you with accurate results as mistakes could occur. We provide you with the assurance about our tool’s functionality; you won’t find any errors or glitches in its usage. The servers of our website are protected and free from all kinds of viruses. In case of any queries or errors you’re facing, you can submit your concern through the Contact Us form.

Variation of Terms

The reverseimagesearch.com has the right to modify or completely change the terms and conditions to use the services at any time without any notice.

Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions constitute the agreement between you and reverseimagesearch.com. Without asking the users to get a subscription plan, this website tends to provide a user-friendly tool that generates image search results smartly.