How Useful Is Reverse Image Search?

Posted By: Admin Date: June 15, 2020

Right now not a lot of people know about this tool which is a reverse image search and don’t know how useful it is. Let’s quickly have a look at what this tool can do. Let’s assume you have found an old photograph of a long-lost friend and you have no idea where she is. You upload the picture on an image finder on your computer, and if your friend or anyone who is in touch with her has posted a photograph of her, the application will find it and tell you the URL on which the picture exists. Or you see someone wearing a pair of shoes that you have been hankering to buy, but you don’t know where they are sold. Now you have two choices; either walk-up to the person and ask him, or her to take a picture of the shoes. Go home upload the picture of the shoes and do an image search, and it will find the shoes and all the information about them.

What can Image be used for?

  • It can be used to locate the source of an image
  • To find better and higher resolution versions of photos
  • Discover websites where the pictures appear
  • Track down the creator of the pic
  • Get more information about an image

The first point is very useful for journalists. They see a video or pictures and want to track down the person who has uploaded the video or the pictures. Now they can do it quite easily. All they have to do is upload the image on the reverse image search tool and get the info they are looking for.

You see an image on a website, and you don’t like its looks as it’s blurry and the picture quality is below par. Photo search will help you in finding all similar pictures. If you are lucky, you might find the same picture which is clear, sharp, and has a high resolution.

If you have posted an interesting image on the internet; now with an image finder you can check on which sites your picture has been uploaded.

Benefits & Usability of Reverse Search

Reverse search also helps in tracking fakes. If a prankster uploads a picture that has been tampered with using a photo editor. He or she can be tracked by running a reverse image lookup.

Reverse search also helps in tracking fakes. If a prankster uploads a picture that has been tampered with using a photo editor. He or she can be tracked by running a reverse image lookup.

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. But at times the picture is not enough; you need more information on it. reverse image search will list all the websites where the picture exists, and hopefully, you will also find the information you are looking for. This image search is super accurate to find relevant images for you in a couple of seconds.

Reverse photos are also used to track down unauthorized use of an image. A large number of companies are now using this tool to track images of fake products that are being sold as their products.

What’s in the photo search for the future?

Right now all the social media service providers are in a fix and busy making this technology available on their platforms. Social media is heavily used to upload pictures and videos, and they travel across so many users that it becomes virtually impossible to track down the originator. For now, you have to upload the image on a reverse image search to track down the originator. You cannot do it on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook from your smartphone. As the image search engine is gaining in popularity, the social media gurus will have to make this application available on these platforms. People use their smartphones to snap pictures, take videos, and share them. Tracking down the originator has become a necessity. In a number of cases, the media or the law enforcement agencies want to track down the originator of a picture or video posted on social media.

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