One Reverse Image Search Tool For All [Google, Bing & Yandex]

Posted By: Anees Date: October 15, 2019

Very few people whose life revolves around remaining constantly connected on the web. On social media, on smartphones or tablets, or laptops we are not bothered about testing out new tools. However, if it’s a free chat or any other social media service, people will try it out, and if they like it, they will start using it. But do these avid surfers know about the reverse image search? The teeming majority do not.

Why Are Surfers Not Interested In Reverse Image Search

This is typically what happens. You see a picture you like, and you don’t want to search for images. Why would you, you’ve seen what you like or dislike, and that ends your interest. But what if you like an image, but its blurry or the monogram has been intentionally removed, and you are keen to get more info on it. Well in such a situation most of us give up. Honestly speaking, how many of us know about reverse picture lookup? Yes, you are right; very few. In fact, this may be the first time you are reading about it.

Image Search Is Alive

Nevertheless, picture search is there; it exists, so let’s talk about the best options we have in this category. It does what it’s supposed to do, and that is to do a search and find similar images.

Google images

Google, as we all know, is the most popular web search browser, and they introduced the reverse image search application in 2011. The mechanism of using this tool is quite simple. You upload an image from your computer or paste the link of the image in the search toolbar. It works equally well both ways. It does a search, and if it finds similar images, it tells you the websites on which the image exists.

It’s free to use and has no limitations on file size or file type. Being the most popular browser, it has the largest collection of images indexed in its database. So, the possibility of finding a similar image is pretty high.


Not to be left behind, Microsoft’s own search browser Bing came up with its own reverse image search application dubbed Bing Image Match. You can upload an image or use a URL address to return matching search results. In May 2016 launched a picture search application in its iOS app. It’s really simple to use. Take a picture using the Bing app, and it will return similar images. However, it’s not available in many countries.


Russia’s largest search browser; yes, they do have a popular search browser Yandex. This also has a reverse image search application. You can use a URL or directly load an image from your computer. It gives users the freedom to select the file size of the image search results. It’s totally free, works without any hassles, and does not require any signing up to use it.

Using Just One Picture Search

Here we have discussed the top three photo search tools currently available on the web. Generally, surfers open one reverse image search engine tab to do a search. If they are not satisfied with the results, they give up. Surfers don’t like to go through the hassle of opening three different search browsers to find similar images.

The good news for surfers looking for similar images is that now you can find a new tool that saves you from the hassle of searching using different tools. Once it has done its job, it will display three boxes that say ‘Images are displayed according to Google’, ‘Images are displayed according to Bing’, and ‘Images are displayed according to Yandex.’ Now it’s up to you to decide which search browser that you want to check. What’s really good about this application is that if you display similar images selecting any one of the three tools, it will open and display the results in a new tab.

So, you have used just one website which has done the job that you would have to do by opening three sites, and it displays the results in 3 different tabs. So, you can hop between the three tabs and compare the results that are displayed. Cool isn’t it.

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