Best Reverse Image Search Apps for Android & iOS

Posted By: Admin Date: February 15, 2020

In this global arena of technology, tech geeks have offered us the best reverse photo search engine and apps that are majestic. Envisage you want to know about an image, but you cannot search by typing description in Google, as it turns out to be impossible. But Google and other App developers have allowed us to search by image. It will make available the entire information we want about any particular image. In case, if you are a paparazzo or graphic designer and looking for a crooked person, who might have stolen your exquisite pictures or infographics, by using this tool, you will be able to discover all the sources to avoid violating copyright using the reverse image search tool.

Image search

Algorithms of search and image are designed in a very distinctive way. The technique approached by developers has very exceptional characteristics. Algorithms work to search for images by facial recognition, shapes, and color scheme. over, past few years, people have become very cognizant about copyright laws and the legal precincts are getting tight day by day.

Top Android Picture Search Apps In 2020

Over the past few years, the stiff competition between smartphone companies has developed cleverish technology. The Android developers have even moved a step further by integrating Artificial Intelligence into apps and have developed remarkable applications. Auspiciously, you can find a lot of Android apps that search by picture and are free; you will need not to pay a single penny to use these apps. Below you will find a list of applications that can allow search by picture.

Image Search Man

The most advanced and accurate reverse picture search app available at the Play Store and the most exciting part is that it is free to use. click here to download the app available in play store. You can download photos from this app, share on social networking sites; Find all the possible details of an image. It offers a camera roll to search for similar images. It also provides search history to get to your previous search quickly.

Photo Sherlock

It is a top-rated app and performs the function of reverse photo search by reaching out to Google and Social Networking Sites and providing information about images. It’s effortless to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Search by Image

This application works like a browser, its search for images by using the high-end algorithm. It can even search for photos captured from the camera roll. It uses all the search engines to fetch results. You can edit images as per requirements as well. It has a parental control option, as well. 

Top Reverse Image Search iOS Apps In 2020

Google Lens

It was initially launched as Pixel Exclusive, but later it was integrated with Google Photos. It is available for iOS and Android users.  Android users can use google lens as a standalone app, while iOS users can experience its integration with Google Photos. It analyzes your image and mentions the source link.


It’s also a reverse image lookup app for both Android and iOS users. It’s a Google centered app, all you need to do is choose a picture, and it will take you to a photo search. It has many other features that enable the app to stand out from other apps.  It is also an image editing app; you can edit, crop, and brighten up any picture you want.

Baidu Image Search

It’s a great app, as you might be aware that Google Services aren’t available in China, so this app is specially designed for the Chinese. If you want to search for any photo related to China, then it is the best app to use. Similar to other apps, it also works in the same way, and even let you crop the photos.


It’s a Google competitor in Russia, just like Google, it searches the image by choosing pictures from the camera roll. It also enables the user to search by adding relevant keywords to find more relevant results.

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