Image Link Building: How to Build Unique Links with Images?

Posted By: Anees Date: September 28, 2021

Since the last decade, the image has become one of the most crucial aspects of the web. It is due to the fact that this type of content has added more value to the overall usage of the internet. It has not only enhanced the visual search or experience but provided strong and robust information to the users. Now, different tactics are utilized, and strategies are implemented for using the images as a magnet for a page. Inbound links play a pivotal role in the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

Along with that, links are also indispensable for search engine ranking. You can earn more links for your website through captivating visual content. You can use a wide array of images for this purpose but need to optimize images to generate better results. According to a study, content that encompasses images performs better than other categories of content. 

Moreover, the search engine giant Google is also working to enhance the user experience by presenting the results to the users in more pictorial formation. Therefore, it is recommended that you should present the information on your website with a bit more changes. Since you have got to know that images are crucial for link building, but how can you make it happen.

Now, you need to know what type of visual content you can use for image link building. 

1. Infographics:

Many people believe that infographics are overrated and are used unnecessarily. However, there are people who stick with this type of visual content. You can use some useful infographics-based visual content that should contain relevant information. It will help you out in gaining strong links. You can attract plenty of links with infographics, and it could be natural links and social media mentions. You can also reach out to bloggers and webmasters, who may find this type of content to be useful. Social media outreach could also work in your favor for gaining links. There’s also an option of paid promotion on Stumble upon and Reddit’s sponsored links. 

2. Creative Stock Photos:

Stock photos are among the overused visual content. However, you can use them to build links, but that needs careful consideration. You can grab stock photos that have a free license to use and modify them according to your content’s needs. It will make the image unique, and more value will be added to it. Now, you can post this photo on social media for better outreach and social mentions. Along with that, blogger outreach is always a perfect way to get robust links for your website. If you are into guest posting, you can use the images as a reference to your original post.

3. Memes and GIFs:

Memes and GIFs aren’t dead. In fact, they have become an integral part of the lives of netizens. If you aren’t using them in your content, then add them to captivate your audience’s attention. People love to share memes, and it could give you plenty of natural inbound links. You can also generate your memes to make them interesting. You can also share those memes on social media for more mentions and better outreach. 

Now, we will get to know how web utilities can help you out in getting more links to your web pages.

Reverse Image Search:

There are possibilities and scenarios when your image is shared on another website without a link back. There is a web utility reverse image search, that you can utilize to track down websites that are using your images without appropriate credits. All you would need to do is to upload the image to the tool, and it will fetch all the results wherever your image has been published. After getting to know which sites haven’t given you appropriate credits, you can contact their owners and request them to give a link back to your website. The reverse image search tool is quite handy and comes free of charge. You can easily access the tool over the internet without getting yourself to indulge in any intricate process. 

Pinterest Marketing:

In a new study published this year, it has been shown that Pinterest is more useful in generating leads and sales than Facebook. The study has also shown that the image-sharing platform can be beneficial for marketing purposes. If you are looking to spread your image-based content, then it is the best place you will come across. You will surely get traffic and conversions to your website as it is the main purpose of link building in the first place. Infographics, product images, memes, and other visual stuff usually go viral on the platform. 


There’s no doubt that images are one of the most crucial elements of link building. They surely possess the potential to generate quality links for your website. Therefore, if you aren’t using visual content to get backlinks for your website, you need to amend your backlink strategy. You can utilize different types of images and visual stuff for reaching out to the audience. It will ultimately help you out in generating quality inbound links and traffic. Moreover, if your business model requires leads and sales, then image link building is crucial as it will help you to reach out to potential prospects. 

Along with that, you can also use the Reverse Image search tool for this purpose. You will be able to track down websites that are using your images without giving appropriate credits. The tool can become your assistance in locating websites that could give you backlinks. Therefore, you need to revisit your marketing strategy and need to give it a fresh start by utilizing images for link building. It will also help you out in getting a better rank in the image search engine. It is due to the fact that Google and other search engines still consider backlinks to be an important factor for ranking a website. However, you need to be careful about the quality of links because random inbound links from low-authority websites could harm the overall health of your website. 

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