How to Use Image Lookup to Acquire Links & Boost Ranking?

Posted By: Anees Date: July 6, 2021

Staying in the top position is crucial if you want to enjoy the maximum benefits. This is a golden rule that works in almost every walk of life. The web world is following the same phenomenon, as the sites that are standing at the peak of Search Engine Result Pages get the most traffic. If you want to achieve this milestone and appear on the top in SERP, then it is inevitable for you to observe the strategies that are followed by the sites standing on the first five positions in SERP. Also, making efforts to do adequate SEO is a key factor in this regard.

You might have an idea that almost 12.5% of traffic on Google is coming from images, and this percentage is in incremental shape continuously. The immense popularity of social media and reverse image search are vital elements in the rise of image significance. People have started preferring image lookup to look for similar images or find the information related to it instead of writing lengthy keywords. This might have let you get familiar with the importance of image search in the current scenario.

In this blog, we will help you discover how you can use image lookup to acquire links and boost your site’s ranking.

Claim Backlinks from The Sites Using Your Images

One of the biggest drawbacks that we have witnessed so far regarding the use of images is that you cannot include appropriate information or metadata in an image. Therefore, many sites that are using your images couldn’t give proper citations. The sky is not completely clear, as many copycats steal your images and paste them into their content without seeking permission. The best way to prevent such problems or trace down people/sites using your images online illegally is the use of reverse image lookup. This mode of search will enable you to find these copycats without making any hard efforts. Once you find such sites, communicate with their admin or webmasters and claim backlinks on your site. This approach will provide you with natural backlinks that may play a significant role in improving the website’s performance. However, it is critical to understand here that you must dig deep and use backlinks that match your site’s niche, as Google considers irrelevant backlinks as spam.

Observe Your Competitors Sources of Backlinks

Keeping an eye on your competitors’ strategies is also crucial if you want to stay alive in the competition. The reverse image lookup may also provide you with great assistance in this regard. You can copy the images of your rivals’ sites and paste them into an image search tool to check the sources from which they are acquiring backlinks. Once you get the information about the sources, you can communicate with them to get backlinks on your sites. The role of an effective online reverse image lookup is important here, as the accuracy of the results is the original game-changer in this approach.

Final Words

SEO is all about adopting effective strategies that may help you get a top position in the search engine results pages. Link building is one of the key factors of SEO that let you earn great traffic on your site. The appropriate search image tool will help you in making connections with various online platforms and get quality backlinks on your site. The things discussed in this blog may help you understand the significance of backlinks and how image lookup may enable you to achieve them effectively.

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